Making Gold Jewelries

About the Designer + Metalsmith | ASHLEY CLIFTON

Ashley established Ash Mag Designs in 2008 as an Undergraduate at the University of Arkansas. At the time, Ashley never gave jewelry design much more thought other than it being a side hustle and enjoyable art to help keep her grounded. It's a medium that she's immersed herself in since she was only five years old, with the support and encouragement of her Mom, but it wasn't truly the focus of a career until much later in life.


Most of Ashley's young adult life was spent dedicating herself and her career to that of education. Even more specifically, that of Special Education. She spent nearly thirteen years as a Special Education teacher for children and adults with disabilities. After pursuing both a Bachelors and Masters degree in this field, and over a decade immersed in public and private eduation, a new calling entered her life -- holistic wellness.


In mid-2013, Ashley made the decision to walk away from public education as a whole, and enrolled full-time in massage therapy school, yoga teacher training, and also energy work education to become a Reiki Master Teacher. Working with clients hands-on was incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, in many similar ways that teaching and education was. It was a new world, yet familiar all at the same time. Clifton's Wellness, a small brick-and-mortar business, was established in December of 2013, which was Ashley's office, yoga studio, and massage therapy studio all wrapped up into one.


As life often does to us sometimes, it threw Ashley a major curveball in May of 2016 when she experienced a cerebellar stroke that altered her life in very notable and significant ways. Due to the changes experienced, Clifton's Wellness came to a screeching halt, its doors were closed, and Ashley went on to figure out how to navigate her life and career with a body that had shifted and changed in many ways. "Modify and adapt", isn't that what they say? That's exactly what Ashley did.


It only made sense to Ashley to come back to the one true and consistent medium that's always been there for her in her life through all of it -- that of jewelry design. Instead of jewelry design being just a side hustle, she decided to dive into hit headfirst, so-to-speak, and made it the sole focus of her career endeavors.

As of today, the handcrafted jewelry business of Ash Mag Designs and Ashley Clifton has become a well-established, loyal, and dedicated brand all across the globe with literally thousands of unique and well-crafted items adorning many of her clients and customers.

Each facet of Ashley's life experience, education and training, holistic wellness, and metaphysical knowledge is put into each and every single jewelry design that she creates. No matter how small or big, simple or complicated, each piece is intentional and made with love.

Ash Mag Designs has now grown into a small home studio where Ashley works daily, with the assistance and support of her Labrador Retriever, Beagle, and Dachshund companions. Metalsmithing is now the main technique used for jewelry design, where metals such as Sterling Silver, Gold, Fine Silver, Brass, and Copper are worked with in a large variety of ways.