Carnelian Mixed Metal Earrings
  • features Carnelian stones
  • handcrafted earrings with mixed metals that include Copper backplate, and .999 Fine Silver bezel 
  • .925 Sterling Silver handcrafted ear wires
  • the Copper backplate is cut out where the stone is set to allow natural light to shine through, illuminating the vibrant orange color and banding within the Carnelian
  • handstamped line accents
  • measures approximately 1.75" in overall length
  • one-of-a-kind item, meaning that this listing is the only of its kind available
  • all components are finished to a high mirror shine


Please note that the first photograph within this listing is taken in bright lighting against a white background, and the remaining photos are taken in low light in the front with bright light behind to illuminate the Carnelian.

Carnelian Mixed Metal Earrings


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